dear john
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“Dear John, there never was any spark between us. Really it’s time we stopped fooling around...”

It’s already been years and your parents might like him, but that’s no basis for an ongoing relationship. Think about it, this is the guy who raises HECS while reducing funds for universities. And let’s face it; his idea of bravery is the pre-emptive strike. While attacking regimes, he turns his back on seeking asylum from the very same regimes. He’s a flashy spender on defence, but when it comes to the environment somehow there’s never any money left. And all this when he’s proven he can’t say sorry.

If you’re not convinced any of this matters in your relationship, ask yourself whether you should stay with someone who keeps cheating on you, then trying to blame someone else. This isn’t about which housemate is staying until Sunday - it’s the number one eviction for the next four years. No need to phone 1900, just enrol and turn up to vote John out, it’s free!