The idea is to send a big Dear John letter. ‘It’s over baby.’

They say there are around 800,000 new voters who have become eligible to vote in Australia since the last election - and many of you might be undecided. Although we realise its hard to get addicted to question time in parliament, we hope that many of you are just a little down that slippery John’s policies make any notion of Australia as a ‘fair and decent society’ a thing of the distant past. The way we see it, we have to fight back today to ensure a change of government, a future for Australia. The strategy of getting track-suited John to listen to us on his early morning walk was an ugly option - so we decided to talk to you rather than him. We figure if all of us download t-shirts transfers, screen savers and badges, forward Dear John letters and customise our own cool stuff - our friends and your friends will join in. We don't need to convert our parents, or make a dent in the fashion sense of politicians. We just need to inspire enough of our generation to vote liberals last. Because once we have collectively dumped John we can prove that young people care about more than reality television and that design can do more than sell shampoo.