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In the beginning John was easy to ignore. Frankly he didn’t make a big impression. But a few years back the whole asylum seeker debacle (children overboard, SIEV-X, MV Tampa and the Pacific Solution) made us cringe. We felt embarrassed to be Australian.

We used to sit around arguing over typefaces, not politics, but drawn to protest we soon discovered that most people at rallies weren’t even dressed like the guys on the High Street peddling the Socialist Worker. So we took to the streets again when Johnnie hitched up with George Junior and signed Australia up for the Coalition of the Willing - countries too scared to say no to America, or too eager to scare their own citizens (remember the millions spent on fridge magnets so that we would be alert, not alarmed). But still John ignored us, pretending the largest protest in Australian history never happened.

When the bombs began to fall on Baghdad it became clear that this sucky leadership had become our problem. We knew that if we wanted to feel safe, afford an education and have a country worth living in we would have to, as Michael Moore says, do something.